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What to do with a smart mouth know it all 6 years

The other day I was talking to another stay at home moms and asked them if they were in difficulties. “Yes”, an almost immediately, “discipline problems with my 6 years smart mouth know-it-all, I do not want to spank, and are not, but it seems to mock the dead time, loss of privileges, etc. What should I do? ”

Ahhh .. the joys of independence in children. I found working with children that are imposed when the negative consequences (loss of privileges, downtime, etc.), simply do not work. My opinion and I’m trying to do is to always leave your child has a choice in hand. For example: the six years (and all ages, for that matter) does not listen. You’re asking to withdraw their room. Ignore you and do what they want. Instead of saying “if you do not listen, there will be a consequence (time out, loss of privileges, etc.) Try to reformulate and say to your children, boys or girls who want to watch TV later have their own room in the next 20 minutes (or whatever the word for you within reason). Make a positive statement instead of bad. You can also use any sort of reward, not to be privileges TV (formerly snack out of play
call minutes of playing time, etc.)

This technique allows the child to determine their own destiny. If
choose to listen and to clean their room while watching television.
If you choose not to listen, then unfortunately you get to watch
television. Let the simple things. I am a neat freak myself that leaving
table for your child is hard! But just tell your child, I’m very comfortable with
Your decision not to clean the room, unfortunately, have also made
decision not to watch TV too. The key here is to stay positive and clams
have made the decision, and feet.

Naturally, you are bound to be tears and comment on your road does not
allow children to watch TV. Again, keep things simple and remember that your baby had a choice to clean their rooms and watch TV or do not clean their rooms and watch TV Remind them that you love and are very comfortable with their choice . After some time of making the wrong choice, the children finally begin to make the right choice for them. The key to your success to this problem is to stay calm and positive.

Remember to always stay positive and clams, no matter how hard it is!


What children can do – Chores realistic for six, seven years and eight children

At the age of six years, has acquired a good command of his body and has lots of energy to spend learning new skills and improve those that already. His attention span is increasing, but you become impatient if an activity lasts for more than fifteen or twenty minutes.

Most of the six years as the games and competition and work as soldiers for the stars on a map. At the age of six years, is very concerned about the good and bad behavior, especially with regard to his family and friends.

Expectations of work:

* Leave the bathroom clean after use
* Straighten drawers
* Clean the bathroom and bathtub
* Empty Recycle Bins
* Sweep porches, patios, walkways
contact groups * of basic food
* Set aside the Grocery
Make Kool Aid *
* Knowing the monetary value (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, etc.)
* Learn to use a small salary
* Learn to swim and ride a bike on two wheels
* Know what to do in case of fire in the house
* Service projects such as sorting cans, bottles and paper for recycling

realistic affairs for seven years

At seven, a child is always close to his parents and appreciates the love, attention and sympathy. He also began to relate more to things outside the home. It has individual tastes and wants to be allowed to do a bit ‘by himself. And ‘lively, enthusiastic and very interested in life around him. It explores various activities and likes to repeat those he loves.

Seven is a “collection” for a time.

What may appear to us like a box of rocks or pieces of paper for him a collection of treasures worth it. His attention span is increasing, and you can see a project through to completion, if interested, or if the gain is large enough. His attention span was increased to 20 to 25 minutes, but may need reminders to keep the racetrack. Some children of this age are growing so fast that tire easily and are agitated and restless. In seven years, is becoming increasingly independent and, in general, think more logically.

Expectations of work:

* Wash and dry your hair
* Clean your company
* Sort items Large
* Empty the dishwasher, put away the dishes
* Wash and dry dishes by hand
* Clean Combs and Brushes
laundry-white and color *
* Separate and socks when
* Make a library book and track it
* The emergency calls to 911, grandparents or neighbors
* The service projects such as visiting a clinic

Realistic affairs for eight years

There is a big difference between the children seven and eight years. A piece of eight years to become a responsible person. He has a clear idea of good and evil, right and wrong, honest and dishonest, and what constitutes a job “good.” He wants desperately to feel independent.

One child in eight is a real push-me pull-me stage and seems to need her parents for everything. It is not dependent on them and yet you ask a lot about them. The parents are now less than a perfect in his eyes and the teacher is sometimes observed. You can often double information, see you gave him with a teacher, even if you are a teacher.

Parents seem to have more cooperation in this age, if you approach a boy of eight in a pragmatic, straightforward, but a friend. Eight years always want to go condition, but not in front of their friends. The feelings of a child of eight years are very soft, and is particularly sensitive to criticism, but responds with alacrity to praise. Be very careful not to discourage his attempts to work. Please guide and teach the right methods.

The eight years, often set goals for himself unreachable. As parents, we need help to divide a project into manageable chunks and achievable.

Expectations of work:

* Fold clothes neatly, without wrinkles
* Separate laundry and provide members of the family
* Hang clothes out to dry in the sun
* Shoe Polish
* Know how to use household cleaning products
* Load the dishwasher and turn on
* Water Houseplants
* Grass water
* Make lunch a sandwich and soup, canned
* Making the change
* Clean the inside car
* Use a vacuum cleaner
* Clean cages and pet bowls
* Service projects such as shopping for an elderly neighbor

The primary school is a learning and wanting to please the adults in the baby’s life. Maximizing this time, encouraging positive actions. Good luck. You do an important job.

Top tips for board games for your home-based Party

The games are at the heart of almost every type of party. All ages, from children to grandmothers, all the love for the game left. Even young, surrounded by friends, love to play.

There are all kinds of board games of choice can be hard to decide which one should I choose your special occasion. The best way to plan your game is to reflect the type of game you want, the place to celebrate and to consider that you have invited guests.

For outdoor parties, consider an obstacle course, its own mini-Olympics, maybe a water pistol Challenge, or The Paper Chase. A treasure hunt is always good to put all the festivities and mingle to talk, especially if the clues are a bit ‘cryptic.

For a smaller ball pool (just a tub full of plastic balls) is very fun and entertainment for centuries. Even children love anything that is wet or messy. So if you have a pit or a pool for use. If you have a sandbox, bury small gifts, candy or wrapped in the sandbox. Then, give each child a time to find a price, or in a limited time free for all and they all go at once. It ‘s very funny, and children are happier when they find buried treasure.

For pool games, add fun toys, beach ball, inflatable or two, and plan your game around the pool. You’ll have to watch the game a little ‘closer if water is involved, but if you register yourself in the game, this is not a constraint! Play pool games as tag pool, volleyball, sharks and Grab It! (If you have objects (tanks and troughs) in the pool. Divide players into two teams, and must be understood that many objects within a certain period of time possible. ‘S team with the most items wins.

For the interior, there are so many options. Think of games like charades, Wink Murder and McGarrity Cat These are the classics that most people will be aware, and will be happy to join. If you are planning a party for the children, consider the child’s age. Farmers in his den and duck, duck, goose are perfect for guests at the party under six years, the Classic Pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical statues are ideal games for every age group.

Top Gift Ideas for a sixth grade Old Boy

There are many things that children love to have. Many of them spend their time playing with friends. If you want to make a gift to a child of six, you must consider some items for you to be able to give the best you will surely love. There are a few tips you need to know.


At this stage of their life, most children are becoming addicted to music. They like to listen to their favorite artists. You can make a music player. Just choose the one that is durable enough because children can sometimes become careless. It also has to choose the cheapest.

Small vehicles

They will surely enjoy playing with small vehicles such as cars and trucks. These articles are good you can buy for them. Most toy stores have these items and just choose those that will be suitable for him. You may also consider giving him a remote control car.

Sporting Goods

The boys really like to engage in different activities and one of them is sports. Try to write sports articles that will surely use in its activities. Something you should consider is the type of activities he loves. You can give a ball or a racquet according to the sport that he likes best.


One of the best things you can possibly give him a walkie-talkie. This is a fresh voice that will surely delight. He will be able to play with his friends while enjoying the technology has to offer. You just need to make sure that the article is quite strong.

Art supplies

Children love to draw and express themselves in their art. A cool gift you can give a basket of art. You can include pencils, paper, water color, and more. Be sure to choose foods that are safe for their age.

There are many things you can consider when you want to buy a gift for a child of six years. You just need to know the things you want so you can make an informed choice. Always be sure to choose those who appreciate and are safe for their age.